Prof. Holleman's Transmutation Research:

Professor Holleman's biological transmutation research
Introducing his work and of those who wish to further his aims.
The Original work of Prof. Holleman (in German)
Holleman's privately circulated report.
A Review of Research on the Biological Transmutation of Chemical Elements
Based on an unfinished paper by Prof. L.W.J. Holleman;
Translation, with criticism, of Holleman's work by David Cuthbertson.

Prof. Biberian's Transmutation Research:

Prof. Biberian's Transmutation Research
David Cuthbertson's publication of Biberian's results.
Biberian's own website
In French
Interesting experimental results
Biberian's announcement of his first biological transmutation results to the Stichting.

David Cuthbertson's Theoretical Research:

Paradigms for Transmutations - Introduction
The first of a series of articles on developing an understanding of the phenomenon of the biological transmutation of chemical elements.
Rethinking Biology
David Cuthbertson's Researches, from 2005-2006.