Interesting Results from Jean Paul Biberian

Marseilles, October 2003

Very good news. Friday we have duplicated the experiments with marine bacterias. We had already observed with the analysis made in Marseilles a significant decrease in the amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. The new analysis confirms these results. But in addition we have analysed 22 elements, and observed very exciting new results:

  1. 116% increase in copper
  2. 300 % increase in manganese
  3. 79 % increase in zinc
  4. there are some doubts for aluminum, boron, iron and lithium which indicates also an incease, but only in one of the two cells, therefore we need to do more work to check it out.

However these increases do not explain the losses of the other elements, therefore we must search for other new elements. This is very promising, and we need to perform more experiments and analyse more data. We hope to do that soon.

Jean-Paul Biberian