31st August 2018
The experiment with dried fruit has started, and we look forward to being informed of its results.
English flag Dried Fruit Project

deutsche Flagge Projektskizze Trockenfruechte

20th November 2016
Kervran in a german translation
After many years of waiting the book by Michel Abehsera, which contains a choice of the works of Kervran, is published in the Archivverlag Agraffe.
The translation has been made by Helmut Lasarcyk
Prof. Dr. Helmuth Gebelein wrote an elaborate and clarifying introduction to this translation.The edition was partly sponsored by the late Dr. Joan S. Davis who wanted to awaken people's interest in biological transmutations.
16th November 2016
23rd January 2016
Dr. Joan S. Davis
In memoriam Dr. Joan S. Davis(pdf file)
5th October 2011
Repeat of Herzeele experiment by L.W.J. Holleman in 1933.(pdf file)
31st August 2011
Working-translation in english of Herzeele's 'Entstehung der unorganischen Stoffe' 1875 (pdf file)
1st September 2011
'Biological Transmutation: it's essential Role for Soil Health' This project is an initiative of Dr. Joan S. Davis and Dr. T. Jaeger, see: