Other Biological Transmutation Sites:

Albrecht von Herzeele
German Wikipedia article on Herzeele.
Are Nuclear Processes in Biology Unique?
Ernest Schapiro, MD
Biologische Transmutationen
German site with an excellent bibliography.
Evidence that atoms behave differently in biological systems than outside of them
By Madhavendra Puri of The Bhaktivedanta Institute.
Le trasmutazioni biologiche o "a debole energia"
Italian website on biological transmutations.
Failed Replication of the "Kervran Effect"
Di Vito, Candian, Garlaschelli, and Triassi.
Corentin Louis Kervran
Wikipedia article on Kervran.
Transmutation of Stable and Radioactive Isotopes in Biological Systems
Vysotskii, V. I. and Kornilova Alla A.; Presentations 18th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
Microbial transmutation of Cs-137 and LENR in growing biological systems
V. I. Vysotskii and A. A. Kornilova, Current Science, Vol. 108, No. 4, 25 February 2015, pp. 636-640
Transmutation of stable isotopes and deactivation of radioactive waste in groing biological systems
Vysotskii, V.I., Kornilova, A.A., Ann. Nucl. Energy (2013)
Successful Experiments On Utilization Of High-Activity Nuclear Waste In The Process Of Transmutation In Growing Associations Of Microbiological Cultures
Vysotskii, Shevel, Tashirev, Kornilova.
Biological Transmutation Patent
From: New Energy News, Vol. 5, No. 2, June 1997, Special Edition, p. 7.
Enhancement Mechanisms of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
Gareev, Zhidkova and Ratis.
Adept Alchemy by Robert A. Nelson
Part II. Chapter 8. Biological Transmutations.
C. Louis Kervran Site
In German and English.
Evidence that Atoms Behave Differently in Biological Systems than Outside of them
Madhavendra Puri: The Bhaktivedanta Institute.
Solomon Goldfein: Biological Transmutation
Energy Development From Elemental Transmutations In Biological Systems.
Louis Kervran: Biological Transmutations and Modern Physics~ 1982, English translation
From an unpublished manuscript of the English translation.
Observations of a Possible Biological Alteration of the Radioactive Decay Of Thorium by Fungi
By Reiter and Faile.
Biological transmutations
Jean-Paul Biberian, Current Science, Vol. 108, No. 4, 25 February 2015, pp. 633- 635
Biotransmutation as a Cold Fusion Phenomenon
Hideo Kozima