This was written to honour the 21st anniversary of the Prof. Dr. L.W.J. Holleman Study Group in 2016. In our networking page we would like to mention many of the good and helpful people we were in contact with and in one way or the other furthered our work. We would also like especially to thank all our private donators and the sponsors Triodos Foundation and the Biologisch Dynamische Vereniging voor Landbouw en Voeding

Dr. I. Abouleish
Sekem, Egypt
Ir. J.J. Allegraud
Chemist, Commissariat à l`Energie Atomique, Grenoble
Dr. S. Baumgartner
Universität Bern
Prof. J.P. Biberian
Université Luminy, Marseille
Dr. S. Clerc
Dr. J. S. Davis
EAWAG, Zurich, ETH Zürich
Dr. J. Florin
Landwirtschaftliche Sektion am Goetheanum, Dornach
Prof. Dr. H. Gebelein
Universität Giessen
Dr. J. Greene
Water Research Institute of Blue Hill
Prof. Dr. M. H. Haring
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
Dr. T. R. Jäger
Universität Bern
Dr. M. Kloiber
Dr. S. Krall
Dr. J. Kühl
Naturwissenschaftliche Sektion am Goetheanum
Dr. J. D. van Mansvelt
Emeritus Professor, Hogeschool Wageningen
C. Podak
Ing. R. van Romunde
Waldorf teacher, author
Dr. D. Ruaris
Dr. W. Schwenk
Institut für Stromungswissenschaften
Dr. J. Schwuchow
Foundation for Water
Dr. N. Thomas
Projective geometry
Dr. J. Zwiauer
Weleda, Vienna