Foreword [Holleman, ca.1982]

This report relates to path finding research on the possible existence of a biological transmutation of elements; i.e. a transmutation brought about by means of organic life.

These first results - bearing in mind that there is still much lacking in the conducting of the experiments - submitted to a small group of colleagues in the hope thereby to awaken interest in the subject and at the same time to draw out criticism that will undoubtedly be of advantage to the author.

Seeing their - possibly apparent - incompatibility with the prevailing understanding of this subject matter, the results may only be ripe for publication after further confirmation.

Meanwhile, thanks are given here for the kindness shown by the management and fellow workers of the Pathology Institute of the R. U. Utrecht (considering the somewhat precarious nature of this undertaking).

Special recognition is given to Mrs. W. Terpstra of the Biophysics Laboratory of the R. U. Utrecht for her valuable advice and provision of pure Chlorella cultures.

[Holleman, ca.1982]